Ready to elevate your gel nail game?

Calling all certified nail techs. Are you ready to connect the missing dots on your nail journey and unlock  nail secrets from two of the industry's best and most inspiring techs? Embark on this transformative TWO DAY in-person class with the iconic Jenny Bui (@nailson7th) and Amy Hwang (@aymehnails) and master the skills that will take your nail career to a new level.

Be THAT nail tech.

As skilled in new school techniques and systems as you are in the old school. Confident and inspired to take on any client.
Fully prepared to reach a larger market and service a range of clients that have their own nail technique preferences.

Your dream mentors await, and they can't wait to share their secrets!

Class Dates: Monday, April 29 & Tuesday April 30, 2024
Location: Edmonton, AB
Times: 9 am to 5 pm each day

* Please note: This is an advanced course. To participate, you must be a certified nail tech.

your educators


Jenny Bui



Nail Artist & Educator  |  New York, NY   

Get to know Jenny Bui, founder of Jenny Secret and celebrity nail artist. Jenny is known as the QUEEN OF BLING for designing the most immaculate nails for Cardi B, and her iconic collaborations with some of the nail industry's most reputable brands including Aprés, OPI and Swarovski.

Learn from Jenny: Flawless application using  soft gel full coverage nail tips

Jenny will show us how to achieve flawless results with the new revolutionary gel nail application utilizing full coverage gel nail tips. So many brands are launching this new gel system to improve timing and help ensure consistent shaping.  Be on top of what's new by learning and perfecting this technique under the guidance of one of the industry's best!


Amy Hwang



Nail Artist & Educator  |  Edmonton, AB

Amy Hwang is an artist at heart, with an impeccable eye for design and detail.  This creative drive and a sense of curiosity led her to get her nail certification, and she has been applying her endless creativity to nails ever since! A Beauty Envision Awards winner in both 2019 and 2021, and creative lead for BeMi Beauty Box, Amy continues to inspire and delight her clients and followers with her flawless work. 

Learn from Amy: Sculpt and shape perfect gel nails using forms
Amy will share her proven techniques and tips to sculpt absolutely perfect nails using forms. From proper prep, to careful form fitting, to how to build and sculpt the perfect balanced shape, and even how to ensure crisp edges that won't round after polishing. Amy will share everything we need to know to deliver high quality, gorgeous nails on every client.

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Over two full days of instruction, you can look forward to comprehensive teaching on all aspects of gel nail application, as well as tips, tricks and secrets from Jenny and Amy.

This deep dive class will include:

  • prep work
  • form fitting & pinching
  • sculpting gel application
  • building structure & apex
  • perfect shaping
  • hand filing & e-filing tips
  • clean gel polish application
  • social media tips & tricks

Invest in your Nail Career

Feed your creativity and develop your craft with this incredible opportunity. Continuous learning led by skilled and experienced educators can set you apart from the crowd, while seriously boosting your inspiration and excitement. Enhance your skills, renew your energy and enthusiasm, get tips and tricks from industry leaders, and build experience and credibility. 

What you get:

  • 16 hours of instruction and inspiration
  • working kit for classes
  • dynamic learning, with immediate feedback
  • real-time guidance
  • immersive, focused learning environment
  • insider tips and tricks
  • bragging rights - you trained with the Queen of Bling!
  • insights into our experts' diverse experience
  • swag bag
  • an Advanced Gel Nails Master Class completion certificate

What to bring:

  • nail lamp
  • nail drill and bits
  • nail clippers/cuticle pusher & nipper, small scissors
  • gel system you use
  • nail primer
  • pinching tool/tweezer
  • nail art brushes
  • gel brush
  • alcohol
  • gel polish & top coats (matte & glossy)

The Ultimate 2-Day Gel Nail Master Class


This TWO DAY intensive class will be a game changer. Don't miss out. 
You can split your purchase over 4 payments of $199.75 with sezzle.

*Must be a certified nail technician to attend this class. This is not a nail certification course. All sales are final. No refunds or credits.